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After-School ART
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Led by Art Instructor, Ms. Power, BES offers an Afterschool Art program on Monday afternoons from 3pm to 4:15pm for all of our 3rd through 6th graders. In this program, students are given an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom by experimenting with more varied media and techniques.

Students may explore painting using different types of paint; try their hand at paper making, fiber arts and papier máché wire &/or clay sculpture. Students are engaged with specifically curated STEAM lessons that integrate (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). Additionally, technology is an increased focus this year in afterschool art, as students may more fully explore the OSMO system with its concentration on improving drawing skills & understanding spatial relationships with Tangram, Monster & Masterpiece. We are hoping to add more programs to OSMO soon, like Coding Awbie & Coding Jam. For now, we have Coding lessons online with and iPad Pro apps which integrate art forms, as well as, more hands-on lessons planned which will culminate in an actual take-away project.

Most exciting is this year’s solution for student online digital portfolios with:

Ms. Power is an official “bulbhead” (co. representative) & will be working closely to set these free accounts up which any student may take with them--and continue to add to--well past college and beyond! Parent permission is required. More info to come; stay tuned!