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Mission Statement
Brunson Elementary School's Mission Statement:

The mission of Brunson Elementary School is to provide a safe learning enviroment where all students become literate, informed, and responsible members of a diverse global soceity.

Arts Mission Statement:

The mission for education at Brunson Elementary is to provide opportunities for every student to become successful by fostering their personal, imaginative, and expressive skills. As students experience a total infused curriculum they will acquire a sense of self-assurance, belonging, and learn to be creators, enduring appreciators of the arts, and seekers of knowledge.
About The School

Brunson Elementary

Brunson Elementary School has a rich, proud tradition dating all the way back to 1905. The gym which still stands today, was built in 1939, as one of many Franklin D. Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration building projects. The gym is 78 years old! The Brunson school building was a high school until 1954 when the building, where the elementary classes are still being held, was built. The primary wing was added in 1988 and there have been a number of other improvements and additions over the years. When a school has been around as long as Brunson Elementary, its impact on the local community is significant. Students that attended Brunson went on to do great things. Students, take pride in the fact that you are among a long line of successful graduates of Brunson and continue to work as hard as you can throughout your academic career.
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